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Our Values

Simply put, quality.

At Wadworth we believe in quality and this runs through everything we do.

Some days this presents us with a challenge, but we aim to produce quality beers, operate quality pubs and hire and develop quality people. Quality sits at the heart of what we do, if we don’t offer a quality experience our customers won’t come back! Over the next 5 years we will continually challenge what we do to improve.

If you are looking to run your own pub you can find more information through our Wadworth Pubs website, with great details on venues available for lease and tenancy and more information on the quality of service we offer.

You can also download our 2016 Codes of Practice here:

Code of Practice - Tenant

Code of Practice - Lessee

Other documents of note:

Wadworth Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

The Wadworth breweryVisit the Wadworth Brewery visitors centre >

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