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Brew House

The Victorian Brew House offers a contrast between the established and the new.

It needs to be seen to be believed and we offer tours twice a day during the week from the Visitor Centre.

We mill and 'mash-in' in the old brew house and then boil in a traditional open copper or the modern Steinecker brew house depending on the style of beer we want. The original copper allows us to use the Hopback which gives us flexibility in managing the flavours and styles of our beer.

In addition our small micro brewery plant – The Beer Kitchen – allows us to experiment and trial a brew before production in the main facility.  

Our beer is sold in wooden barrels, some are racked as traditional cask ale and some are kegged. All are maintained at the premium quality by the team of highly skilled brewers throughout the process.

The Wadworth breweryVisit the Wadworth Brewery visitors centre >

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